Save the planet by eating a plant-based diet

We are in the middle of a plant-based diet revolution. Every day comes more people into the restaurants I have been working, asking for plant-based dishes. At that time is when I jump to action because the colours, textures, flavours, and options that vegetables and plant-based foods give us are just amazing. A Couple of years ago, I started to avoid beef and chicken. After one year, I even stopped consuming fish and seafood. Currently, I consume free-range eggs and some organic dairy, but I am also reducing them.

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The big question is why tons of people in the world, including me, are changing? When I talk with them, they agree that there is not because they do not like the meat. They all enjoyed many BBQs with beef, but we live on a planet with limited resources. We will suffer the consequences of our actions as human beings; the next generations won’t enjoy a healthy planet if we don’t change. Nowadays, eating is an act of responsibility, because our behaviour is impacting the planet. In other words, when we talk about food, we are talking about sustainability.

We can stop climate change while eating plant-based food. It is known that red meat and dairy production demand much more land and resources than food and protein plant-based. Then, going for veggies will reduce the areas required for food production. Besides, the animals’ products that we are consuming generate a higher carbon footprint than plant-based ones. 

To have a picture, according to Project Drawdown in its publication “Farming Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis”, 24% of the CO2 emissions come from the Food, Agriculture & Land Use sectors. 35% of the world’s ice-free land is used for croplands and pastures, and the expansion is increasing continuously, then deforestation and water withdrawals are growing. Also, 85% of the water consumption is related to this sector.

So, why it is crucial to have more plant-based diets? In addition to our health as human beings, because we can save the planet.

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