Healthy food, working out, meditation and environment connection.

So many sources agree on “We are what we eat”. From a holistic point of view, I have discovered that we can become mindful and healthy if we take care of our nutrition.

So far, organic, and vegetarian food gives us pleasure, and we can progressively become healthier each day. However, through my meditation practice, I also realised that our nutrition is not just about food in our mouths. All our senses and our mind also get nutrition from our activities, and environments. Then, if we eat well but still live in toxic environments or create negative habits, we won’t reach wellness.

Talking about a healthy lifestyle, besides healthy food, here we can have a list that includes some of them:

1. Working out or physical activities.

2. Meditation.

3. Environmental connection.

4. Proper rest.

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Working out and physical activities.

Our healthy lifestyle concept includes the activities that we do to be physically active such as running, jogging, cycling, working out, surfing or whatever we enjoy.

We look for some activities to connect with our bodies; play with them, stretch them, build strength and flexibility. Overall, these kinds of things contribute to our health and wellness, but also to our happiness.  

The idea is to work out as you prefer, selecting what is better for you. For instance, I like working out at home with kettlebells and do long walks, but probably you always wanted kayaking, so maybe it is the time to start.

The key is to organise yourself and do it, developing a routine, then one day you will wish the hour to work out.



Suppose I can tell that something has helped me be more mindful, happy, relaxed, focused, active, and healthy. In that case, I have to mention the practice of meditation. There are so many ways to practice it. I do Kriya Yoga, a technique based on managing your breath to energise the spine and brain. The effect is to reach a deep connection with You and the Divinity. I have had beautiful spiritual experiences through meditation, but I know it is just one of the first steps.

I am sure you will develop your own senses and experiences in the meditation practice that you select. The truth is that by practising it, you will notice incredible changes in your life and your health, so it would be very satisfying that you look for meditation practice and develop discipline with this beautiful habit.  

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Environmental connection.

This point is represented by our sense of harmony with nature, society and the culture around us. It includes our interaction with our family, friends, couples, groups, and more. It is essential for us to feel that we are part of something. Feeling connected with nature and our relatives will give us a sense of health and wellness.

To enrich this area, we can go to the sea, to a river or just walk in a mountain, take care of our plants, cook for our family or friends, or just grab a tea or a coffee with the people we want to be, or share a glass of wine, wine not? The key is to activate consciousness in this area and enrich it with the actions that we consider suitable for us and our environment.   

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Proper Rest

Finally, our lives are going so fast. We have to rush with tons of compromises and activities, so give time for yourself, have a proper rest, sleep good, and sometimes practice the art of doing nothing.

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