Sea Kelp

Each day, there are more queries about kelp and related topics. From Asian cuisines, Kelp came as a food trend, due to its nutritional values, but also because is a completely natural and organic product. 

Kelp are large brown algae of different species that grow in the kelp forests. They are part of diverse ocean ecosystems.

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Kelp farming seems to be sustainable, and it does not require fertilizers to grow. As a special characteristic, the Kelp is one of the fastest-growing organisms on earth and doesn’t demand too many resources for its farming. 

In this order of ideas, Washington Sea Grant (WSG) states that Kelp is “The next superfood and sustainable aquaculture commodity”.


Kelp Trend

As a searched term “kelp” has had a high popularity interest worldwide. During the last 90 days, it has reached the peak of popularity in two moments and fluctuating on high rankings as a constant.

Following the trend, we can connect kelp with more topics and queries such as:

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Trending ideas

As possible ideas to enter into the sea kelp trend, we can do some research and try to innovate with some recipes and products, like those ones listed below:

  1. Kelp noodles.
  2. Kelp sushi.
  3. Kelp burgers.
  4. Create innovative kelp recipes.
  5. Research and write more about kelp.

To get more information:

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