Organic coffee near me

Coffee break? Changing the world starts with coffee! 

Coffee is a commodity, that is sold massively worldwide, then it is common that farms use chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides to grow the beans. After that, some of the chemical components can be present in your cup of coffee, and the soil as well.  

Being highly demanded, coffee can be one of the most chemically influenced foods in the world. So, by increasing the demand of organic coffee it is possible to contribute to clean and fair trade production models. So, if you are looking for a coffee near you, an organic and fair trade one, would be a great idea. Organic coffee is richer in flavours and healthfull antioxidants.


Organic and fair-trade coffee is the best option

Organic coffee is a good option, but what about fair trade? The international price of the coffee is fixed according to the international market. However, that way impacts negatively on organic and small producers that are taking care of the soil and the environment. 

Drinking organic and fair trade coffee is an expression of the art of collaboration. It will contribute to our health and the environmental sustainability. Evolving to organic fair trade coffees can be considered part of a healthy lifestyle. 

I am originally from Colombia, the third coffee producer worldwide after Brasil and Vietnam, so coffee is part of my culture. Nowadays as a chef, I am incorporating into my recipes high-quality organic and fair trade coffee. When I have to start a sunday morning shift, after an active saturday night, coffee is my best friend.

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“Organic coffee near me” in New Zealand

In this order of ideas, today, I searched for “organic coffee near me”, and I found plenty of options for takeout or takeaway coffees, supermarkets, cafes and coffee shops. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the same amount of options when I searched for “organic fair-trade coffee near me”. I still have options but not so many. 

So, if you want to send me some organic fair-trade coffee to Auckland, New Zealand, I would be really happy to taste it, and why not? start to promote it, and sell some of them! I am sure a flat white, an expresso or a long black are superior if they are organic, and fair trade. 

The statistics reveal that more than 70% of New Zealanders are drinking at least one cup of coffee per day. Also, this country has more coffee roasters per capita than anywhere in the world. It is ranked in the top 15 countries with the highest consumption of coffee per capita. In terms of percentage, New Zealand drinks more coffee than the USA and Australia.

Recommended coffee of the day

Always, I will prefer a plain filter coffee. Enjoying the taste of all the flavours, textures and smells, it is a pleasure. Nevertheless, for a sunny day outdoors, I can recommend an “iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso latte”.


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