Save the planet by eating a plant-based diet

We are in the middle of a plant-based diet revolution. Every day comes more people into the restaurants I have been working, asking for plant-based dishes. At that time is when I jump to action because the colours, textures, flavours, and options that vegetables and plant-based foods give us are just amazing. A Couple of... Continue Reading →

Hemp Seeds Pesto

Photo by Thiea Alhoz on In our Dips section, we cannot avoid Pesto. This is a fresh, nutritious, and healthy dip that is also used as a sauce that comes perfect with pastas. The traditional pesto recipes are based on cashews, penauts or even breadcrumbs. However, I have been doing pesto with hemp seeds,... Continue Reading →


★★★★★ Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on This is definitely one of my favourites because it is so easy to make and nutritious. The chickpeas are high in proteins and fiber. This prep is from middle east cuisine and there is evidence that even ancient egyptians already made it. Enjoy this recipe as a dip... Continue Reading →

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