Best plant-based protein foods

Protein is a macronutrient composed of amino acids. The other macronutrients are carbohydrates and fats, a healthy diet includes balancing those macros and eating them clean and smart. Eating enough protein is necessary to keep and build lean muscle, especially when we have active and healthy lifestyles. As many studies have revealed, plants are a meaningful source of protein. So, if we... Continue Reading →

Foods for gut health

The gut health is a trend topic, which is favourable for us, because nowadays we have more knowledge about our gut. It contains a biodiverse ecosystem of micro-organisms that process the food we eat. These micro-organisms play a very important role influencing our metabolism, health, energy, emotions and body-weight. Below we will find a useful... Continue Reading →

Save money on food

When we manage well our food at home, we can save money and time, reduce food waste, and make healthy decisions. Here, we share some ways to save money on food, based on my experience as a home cooker and professional chef. Photo by Jack Sparrow on 1. Buy and eat in-season foods When... Continue Reading →

DIY Ricotta

The easiest cheese to make at home! It is very satisfiying to make your own cheese. This one is very fresh, and usually with less fat and salt than other cheeses. You can make it and keep it in your fridge for more recipes, like cheesecakes, desseerts, pastas, lasagnas, salads, or to spread on your... Continue Reading →

The best Tiramisu recipe

Looking for some dessert recipe? This is an easy and gorgeous tiramisu dessert with authentic touches. If you are a dessert person, this recipe is perfect. Ingredients / Yield 4 1/2 cup coffee20 ml rum4 egg yolk30 g brown raw sugar40 ml coconut cream200 g mascarpone2 spoons honey1 package lady fingers15 g Cocoa powder Preparation... Continue Reading →

Blueberries & Oat Pancakes

Looking for a powerful breakfast, this one is energetic, healthy, tasty and will keeps you mood ready for the day or the weekend! Ingredients / 2 portions 270 ml soy milk or any vegan milk like rice, oat, etc.2 cups oat3 egg2 spoons coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil3 spoons honey1 cup blueberries1 banana1/4... Continue Reading →

Baked eggplant steak

How do you cook eggplant? Roasted, baked, grilled. There are many eggplant recipes, here there is another way to enjoy eggplant. Make it as baked steaks. Ingredients / Yield 2 portions 2 Eggplants.20 ml soy sauce or teriyaki sauce.10 ml extra virgin olive oil. 1 clove garlic.50 g hemp seeds. 30 g fine polenta.pinch of... Continue Reading →

Quince Cookies

This is a very popular recipe in Argentina, and today we are trying the Gluten-free version. The taste of the quince paste will make you happy, we are sure! Quince Cookies by Cesar Ingredients 100g Unsalted Butter60g raw brown sugar1 free-range egg300g gluten-free flour1 lemon zest1 teaspoon baking powder200g quince paste Let's prep Put que... Continue Reading →

Lemon, Honey & Olive Oil Cake

Today, I wanted to make a review of an interesting recipe that I found in the magazine "Cuisine, form New Zealand to the World" (September 2021, Pag 76). The recipe is by Fiona Smith, and it is a wonderful Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Cake. I suggest it, because I really like it. Lemon, Honey & Olive... Continue Reading →

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