Microgreens, did you start to grow some?

If you want to start now, after two or three weeks you will be harvesting some microgreens for your recipes. They will enhance your food.  Microgreens are plants two or three weeks old. They initially called my attention because they are so beautiful, and I used some of them as a garnish for some dishes. Definitely,... Continue Reading →

Sea Kelp

Each day, there are more queries about kelp and related topics. From Asian cuisines, Kelp came as a food trend, due to its nutritional values, but also because is a completely natural and organic product.  Kelp are large brown algae of different species that grow in the kelp forests. They are part of diverse ocean... Continue Reading →

Organic Wine

We can talk about food as a synonym of pleasure, but when we talk about wine and food, we reach another level, we give one step into hedonism. So, "wine not?" include organic wines in our healthy food talks. Anticipating, we will need some glasses, veggie burgers and a side salad with feta cheese. Organic Wine These wines... Continue Reading →

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